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Andrew primarily practices therapy through a relational and attachment-based psychodynamic lens. He believes that the relationship patterns and dynamics you have with yourself and with others are the primary factors in both emotional well-being and emotional distress. In his approach to therapy, the therapeutic relationship is of the utmost importance. If a relational dynamic presents itself in therapy, it is highly likely the same dynamic is playing out in other parts of your life.

In addition to this relational way of practicing, Andrew sprinkles in behavioral and somatic interventions (including Attachment-Focused EMDR) throughout his sessions to bolster your daily toolkit in order to reduce the severity of your symptoms, augment your sense of self-efficacy and enhance your ability to experience your feelings. 

Andrew provides clinical consultation to mental health professionals. He draws upon his clinical experiences, various trainings, and education to provide insight and guidance on case conceptualization, implementing interventions, and diagnostic formulation. Andrew also provides resources such as readings, podcasts, and videos to help deepen your knowledge of theoretical concepts and clinical interventions. 

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